Gentry Trotter Gets Burned

Maybe he needs a public-relations consultant

Trotter plans legal action against KMOX for tampering with his clients, and he's asked for corrections and clarifications from the Post. He thinks airport director Leonard Griggs violated sunshine laws by calling Airport Commission members to lobby for Trotter's dismissal, and he hopes to plead his case at the February Airport Commission meeting. Trotter vows to fight on.

"Everything's quiet now," Trotter says. "You don't hear anything about City Living now. Everybody's hunky-dory, and the black man got screwed."

It's Ralph Nader! It's Clarence Darrow! No, it's Rob Lee! Apparently Lee, whose consumer struggles with Bo Beuckman Ford ["Short Cuts," RFT, Dec. 6, 2000] got him coverage on KMOV-TV (Channel 4) and two articles in the crusading weekly you are now reading, also has legal skills.

Beuckman took Lee to court to get a restraining order to keep him from demonstrating in front of the Ford dealership, but the dealership's expensive Thompson Coburn lawyer was no match for Lee, who defended himself. The court ruled in favor of Lee, allowing him to continue his picketing in front of the West County dealer as long as he stayed off his property and didn't resort to allegations about Beuckman's breaking any laws. Saying "BO RIPPED US OFF!" apparently is okeedokee.

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