Week of January 31, 2001

If "solid songcraft" (I left out "middle-of-the-road"), "professional sound," "obvious talent," "tight" and "gloss and tone so clean and refined it barely seems real" is your charge, consider them guilty!

You're actually knocking a band for being accomplished musicians? You consider rehearsing a bad thing? Uh, sure. Whatever.

But if you'd attempted to dig a little deeper, you might have realized Kase isn't as inoffensive and sitcom-jingle-friendly as you thought. Here's a sampling from "Insincere Apology" on the new album: "I know this surly epitaph/will leave you far behind/Take it as a compliment/to you and all your kind/Your ignorance is beautiful/Your empty vacant smile/Confirm all my suspicions, please,/and make it all worthwhile."

Here's to everyone who believes art should contain effort, meaning and spirit.
Julia Gordon-Bramer
Maryland Heights

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