Put Up or Shut Up

Candidates must speak clearly about troubled schools

Harmon, Bosley and Slay have made no noises to indicate that they want to follow Chicago's lead, in which the Illinois Legislature gave Mayor Richard Daley the power to appoint a CEO to run the schools. Slay has said he doesn't want to be responsible for the schools unless they lose accreditation. Since the deseg settlement, Harmon has hinted he would have liked that power but that the Legislature and the education commissioner didn't pursue the option.

Maybe it's just as well. Bill Haas, the three-time mayoral candidate who was elected to the school board in 1997, wonders why Harmon thinks he could run the district.

"The school board seemed to have had a better four years than he has," Haas says. "Maybe we ought to try to take him over."

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