Week of May 9-15, 2001

As the article noted, some observers favor an automatic-certification process under which a business that's approved by the Small Business Administration's program, for example, would have to be certified automatically by the city. The implication is that all certification programs are as rigorous as Green's. That's not necessarily the case. In some SBA programs, the agency relies on complaints from competitors in determining whether a certified business should be investigated and disbarred for not meeting all the requirements. That approach may be justified if an agency has insufficient staff, but it can open the door to cheaters. Let's not forget that cheaters are the reason the city's certification standards were made more rigorous.

It is ironic that Green is being attacked primarily for his integrity. I cannot imagine the same questions being raised about either a white official or a mild-mannered black official who has rocked no boats, made no waves, kicked no ass. Such officials, naturally, would be praised as color-blind gatekeepers who are preventing corruption from seeping into the city's contracting program.

Which raises questions about the motives and timing of your article. Fair-minded readers might rightly assume that your article's sole purpose is to give the new mayor, Francis Slay, an excuse to fire Green in order to appease a handful of Hispanics. That I find particularly disturbing and quite out of character of an alternative newspaper. Mayor Slay, I'm sure, is too smart to fall into this trap.
Bob Joiner
St. Louis

God's Temple
Stop forcing your morals on me: Jesus did in fact get erections; he was a carpenter and knew all about "morning wood" [D.J. Wilson, "Media Whores," RFT, April 25]. The major difference between their sex lives is, Tom Wahl is having sex with his wife of 17 years and Jesus never married, choosing rather to surround himself with men and prostitutes. Preacher tells me I am God's temple and God lives inside me, so, yes, God has had some awesome heterosexual sex! I'm sick to fucking death of some self-deluded, self-proclaimed holier-than-me forcing their morals onto me. Fuck everything that you stand for.
Lawrence Herzog
St. Louis

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