Stop the Stadium Madness

Here are 10 good reasons

Why not let Six Flags -- a bigger pure tourism draw than the Cardinals -- receive a state subsidy for some new rides, or maybe a hotel? Why should the Cardinals receive one penny more than the Kansas City Royals or, for that matter, other pro-sports franchises?

9. The Cardinals are bluffing.

If the state doesn't cough up public money, there's no way stagnant St. Louis County or too-far-west St. Charles County can go it alone. The Illinois card is dubious because of psychological barriers against crossing the river, the need to build at least one new bridge and resistance from Chicago politicians.

Moving to another market is out of the question for a franchise with one of the largest fan and broadcast bases in the nation. They're not going anywhere.

10. Don't negotiate with terrorists.

Twice in the past five years, the Cardinals have made the playoffs in a crumbling stadium in a crummy market. So what's the rush about getting a deal done in this legislative session? Is the sky falling if they're not in a new stadium in four years?

The only reason for a deadline is leverage. The Cardinals want an answer now, or else.

Well, here's an answer: NO.

We don't like how you're asking.

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