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State lawmakers just can't say no

Ledy VanKavage of the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says media coverage in February of an incident in Waterloo helped the cause in Iowa: Hawkeye Community College students found a negligee next to a ewe and a naked man hiding behind nearby hay bales.

Of course, the Internet has brought all the sexual deviants out of the stable. Web sites and chat rooms facilitate the buggery, proving that all the embraceable ewes aren't in Iowa. Backers of bestiality bills sent chat-room samples to VanKavage, she says: "They sent me an e-mail they had received after being in one of these chat rooms saying, 'Come to Sedalia. We're having a party on this date; here are the directions to my barn. I have two bitch dogs, a donkey and a llama to sexually assault. Bring your own animal, but be cool in town, because they don't know what I'm into.'"

Apparently, even if the townsfolk are from Missouri, you don't have to show them.

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