Funny Business

Rich Balducci takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'

Balducci takes up the story: "He starts getting close to me and starts to grab my arm, so I backed him off with my open palm. It was like girl-sissy fighting." The cops were summoned, and, after talking to both men, they charged Balducci with common assault, a misdemeanor.

"Artists have always had problems with kings," says Balducci airily. "Nowadays we have problems with people who think they're kings. This guy thinks he owns the sidewalk."

Balducci vows he'll fight this case with the same conviction that motivated him to fight the mighty brewery, take it to the Supreme Court if necessary. And even if he loses, he'll retreat to the crypt and gleefully lampoon Wald, the U. City cops and maybe the judge in the pages of Snicker.

Rich Balducci
Jennifer Silverberg
Rich Balducci

Wald still puzzles over the incident. "The guy was just nuts," he reflects. "He obviously has a hot temper, but why?"

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