Week of July 11, 2001

That being said, I must also point out that the Caseys' actions since the incident are equally reprehensible, if not more so. "Name withheld" from last week's letters column rightly calls them "animal-rights terrorists" for their tactics of libel, slander and endangerment by proxy. Note that these are the same methods employed by anti-abortion terrorists -- dishonorable tricks, no matter who is using them. Jason's lawyer should have grounds for a hefty countersuit.
John Payton
via the Internet

Too many animals are being brutalized: Suzy was brutally shot to death by an individual with no respect for life. With the recent rash of episodes of horrible animal abuse happening in our community (Suzy the chimp, Dusty the Dalmatian mix, a kitten in Bridgeton, a stray puppy in Granite City), our readers, community and legislators need to take these crimes more seriously than a misdemeanor charge and a fine. These offenders need hard jail time. It is apparent from your article that Jason Coats thinks he is a celebrity being described as a "monkey murderer" when really this young man is a human being who has no respect for life.

Let's push our lawmakers to punish these cruel offenders to the maximum sentence. Jason Coats and Michael Welch (Dusty's murderer) need to be off the streets. They are a threat to society and any living, breathing being.
Kerri Daniels
St. Louis

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