Week of July 25, 2001

Prophet on the Line
Start all over again: Mike McGrath is the prophet no one will listen to -- until it's too late! His observations about Bi-State only scratch the surface of the problem [D.J. Wilson, "The Transit Authority," RFT, July 4].

When I moved to St. Louis over a year ago, one of my first priorities was learning the public-transportation system. What I learned was a travesty: buses over 15 minutes late; drivers who were rude and ignorant of routes and policies; buses that didn't show up at all; verbal fights on the buses, often between drivers and passengers.

My bewilderment at all of this was highlighted by Bi-State setting up a committee to decide what color to paint the buses and to decide on a theme! Of course, if management actually rode the buses and stopped complaining about McGrath, then they could witness the reality of being a passenger.
Darryl Grant
University City

Hang Him High
You make me ill: I was greatly troubled by your article [Wm. Stage, "Going Ape," RFT, June 27], which portrayed Jason Coats as a "victim" after shooting Suzy [the chimp] times while she was tranquilized and her back was turned. Suzy was no threat to Jason. If he was so scared for himself and his friends, he should have stayed in the house.

Connie and Mike Casey have suffered greatly due to the loss of Suzy, and for you to write this article and defend Jason makes me ill. He committed a crime and needs to be prosecuted. I hope and pray justice is served.
Alice Burnley

Job Opening
The Riverfront Times has an immediate opening for an editorial assistant. A college degree (liberal arts preferred), computer proficiency (Microsoft Word and Excel) and excellent grammar, spelling, organizational and communication skills are essential. The candidate must be a self-starter who is able to handle multiple tasks and work independently on long-term projects. No aspiring writers, please. This is a full-time position with benefits. Mail or fax a cover letter and résumé to Roland Klose, Managing Editor, Riverfront Times, 6358 Delmar Blvd., Suite 200, St. Louis, MO 63130; fax 314-615-6716. No phone calls, please.

Correction: Thomas Adams is executive director of the AIDS Foundation of St. Louis. The foundation, which was incorrectly identified in a story in the July 18 issue, and Pride St. Louis Inc. co-sponsored "Night of 20 Heroes," a benefit held last month.

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