Scaling Art Hill

Old Post Office deserves a look as museum option

But Drey says the Old Post Office with "all those great windows on all four sides," would be ideal. "Talk about outreach," she says. "You could see inside the museum from all the sidewalks around it, and that would bring in people who might never go to a museum."

Counters Porter: "The Old Post Office is a wonderful building that might look like an Art Museum from a superficial perspective, but it's not a building that was designed to be a museum and it isn't viable, especially since it shouldn't be altered architecturally."

And Drey again: "All we're asking them to do is look at a feasibility study, which they wouldn't even have to pay for."

With expansion still in the planning stages, that doesn't seem like too much to ask from the Art Museum. But there's a lot of history, and I don't mean the stuff of old buildings.

The Art Museum is about as likely to change course as it is to welcome a Maplethorpe exhibit.

No matter what its strategic-planning committee once thought.

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