Paradise Found?

A newcomer shows why St. Louis needs an attitude

"I can't imagine San Franciscans worrying so about what people elsewhere think of them," Kaufman writes. "In fact, San Franciscans -- that is, the residents of my San Francisco, the one that has melted away -- know what others think of them: They're crazy and godless. It's simply received wisdom that San Francisco is the best, the only place in the world worth settling in, and there's no point in worrying what anybody else thinks. If they don't live in San Francisco, they must be losers anyway."

Kaufman, who told me Monday he'll operate a one-man Midwest bureau for Salon "out of my basement," also wrote:

"I can't picture ever worrying about what people think of my new city, but if I ever become a true St. Louisan perhaps I'll take on the self-consciousness, the need to apologize, that comes from living in a city that's lost 59 percent of its population in the last half-century."

That would be too bad.

This city needs his attitude more than his publicity.

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