Something Has to Give

Bi-State prepares to cut suburban routes that, by all logic, should have been packed

Herb Dill, head of the Bi-State drivers' union
Jennifer Silverberg
Herb Dill, head of the Bi-State drivers' union

Dill says he understands the frustration and anger that many have with Bi-State. "It would be hard to say we got to this point because Bi-State was the best-managed company in the Midwest," says Dill, though he blames Irwin's predecessor, Jack Leary, and much of Leary's management staff who stayed behind. "Once Bi-State spends all the money, they can't create their own funds. We can't operate the system through the fare box. So if you want more money and you're mad about the cuts, get mad at the people who can give you the money," Dill says. "The solution is something regional, but everyone you talk to says, 'We ain't got the money.'"

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