Week of August 22, 2001

Dogs were victims, too: I realize the entire story of the July 14 storm-trooper raid of the Can of Vibe party in Potosi couldn't be told. So I need to point out the fact that the cops did indeed Mace or pepper-spray two very innocent dogs. I witnessed an officer spray the smaller dog in the face. As the Gestapo marched down the open slope toward the campsites, a 10- to 15-pound dog, which had been playing all day among the campers, came trotting into the path of the cops. One of the cops reached out and sprayed the dog right in the face and kept on marching. While we were all being held against our will for no reason, several people handled the dog and another sprayed dog, trying to comfort them and douse their eyes with water. This dog was abused for no reason by a cop who was in the process of terrorizing a group of campers.
Jim Laughlin
St. Louis

We Just Blow
Your music writers act as though they've been crucified: You'd think René Spencer Saller and the rest of the music staff at the RFT pen their columns while nailed firmly onto crosses. Poor, poor scribes. Let me apologize on behalf of all musicians in the St. Louis area for subjecting your delicate ears to our pathetic excuse for music. You are indeed wise, and, well, as the RFT says, we just blow.

Your chronic bitching about having to "cover" the local music scene is wearing on our nerves. When you combine that with having to listen to the horrendous, worthless music we all create every night, you can understand how truly sour we are turning.

We don't expect you to attend every show and hope you're not attempting to listen to every song on every CD that arrives on your desk. All we want you to do is cover what you can without whining like 5-year-olds.

You're ignoring shows like the Ticketmaster Showcase. You're staying away from local bands playing at the Pageant and Riverport. We've played both of these venues recently. No mention. We don't understand it, but we digest it. These things are beyond our control. But please, please, please try to contain your complaining to how much you hate our music, not your job.
Christopher Potsos
St. Louis

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