Week of August 29, 2001

Crunch Those Numbers
Let's look at school contracts: An excellent article. Methinks Harold Brewster protests too much [D.J. Wilson, "Board Games," RFT, Aug. 22]. What the Board of Education needs is a state audit with a thorough examination of vendor and warehouse contracts.
Jim Irwin
St. Louis

What More Do You Want?
"Pussy-booking" doesn't mean the show will be bad: You've done it again. The blurb about "Women in Rock" [Rene Spencer Saller, "Radar Station," RFT, Aug. 22] was, at best, confusing. In general, this is another example of what has happened to the quality and reliability of your reporting since Ray Hartmann sold out to the corporate types. I consider you the best example of do-nothing whiners St. Louis has to offer. You constantly bitch about the lack of support St. Louis has for local bands and entertainers. Off Broadway, the bar you dissed, is now supporting not only the Nashville Songwriters Association by hosting a monthly "songwriters in the round," sponsoring a weekly jam session, hosting a monthly battle of the bands and booking local bands every week, but also hosting the "Women in Rock" showcase Aug. 29. Talk about supporting local musicians! What more do you want?

Your critic ranged far afield to find a discontented soul in the person of Spitzie Q. West. What does "Sexicolor" connote? So what if Off Broadway is "pussy-booking"? Does that automatically make the show bad? Does that make the musicians less talented?

Who is René Spencer Saller, anyway? What instrument does she play? There is an old saying: "Those who can play do so; those who can't play become critics." What will it take for you to stop whining in general? The bars do not suck. The music scene is alive and well.
David Runde

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