Week of September 19, 2001

Emily's List
Ann Ruwitch got things done: Without disagreeing in any way with the very positive view you depicted of Vince Schoemehl and Grand Center, I would like to correct the impression that under Ann Ruwitch's presidency, only the sidewalks were cleaned and the parking signs lit [Eddie Silva, "Grand Guy," Sept. 5]. Under her leadership, the very complicated groundwork for the renovation of the Continental Building was laid, the Cardinal Ritter school was attracted to the neighborhood and the necessary land acquisition was facilitated. Channel 9's move to Grand Center and the Sheldon addition were accomplished during her presidency. I can personally attest to the help that she and her staff provided in the acquisition of the Beaumont site and demolition of the building, making it possible for both the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts and the Forum for Contemporary Art to build their projects. These endeavors involved complicated negotiations requiring, unfortunately, a long time period.

Three years from now, I am sure there will be an equal amount of progress to point to which will have taken place under Vince Schoemehl's leadership.
Emily Rauh Pulitzer
St. Louis

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