Cleaning House

The reasons we're resented aren't as simple as President Bush would have you believe

Iftikhar, who has been doing a round of media interviews lately, says he has noted a recurring theme as he faces the cameras and microphones.

"On many of the TV shows and radio shows, people ask, 'Where does this hatred for the United States come from?' and I've said that many people in the Middle East view the United States as a repressive regime. They've placed sanctions on Iraq for 10 years, and the United Nations says it kills more than 5,000 children a month. You have the United States' complete complacency with Israel in which every bullet, every gun, every tank of the Israeli Army is funded with United States taxpayers' dollars. And so when a people have become so politically and economically and socially marginalized, it creates an element of despair. And although no human on earth can condone the acts of Sept. 11, it's important to understand why that happened.

"The truth will come out," he continues, "whether it be now, a year from now or two years from now. As Muslims, we have that faith in God that justice will prevail."

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