Chronic Town

Afroman's hit ode to chemical stimulation has him high on life in Mississippi

"Wherever I went, there was always that moment when everybody would turn off the music and request me to rap. I was a real big show-off, so of course I was down to jump up on top of something and do it. Then people would laugh and kick and shake their heads or whatever. I always went to party just to show clout. I mean, I'll walk to the damn party. But you gotta understand, I'm the kind of dude that everybody wanna associate with some kind of way," he says.

It was while Afroman was selling those self-made tapes and dreaming about success that he picked up the chronic habit as a major time-killer, hence the overwhelming Cheech and Chong vibe. But nowadays, he says, he's so busy making paper that he doesn't need to get high. Plus, he's happier than Marlon Brando at a Tony Roma's all-you-can-eat rib buffet -- high on life, as they say. And hey, who are we to doubt the word of Afroman?


"I used to smoke weed like it was a pacifier," says Afroman. "It's funny, now that I'm doing all this stuff and got all this adrenaline goin', I honestly don't need it. If I still wanted to, I would. You remember when we were little kids and ice cream was a big thing? But then you get diarrhea two or three times and you can drive by Baskin-Robbins without having a fit. It's like that. Who knows, Dog? I guess if someone caught me at the right time and I didn't have anything to do, I might smoke it. But it's like there's nothing that depresses me. I'm happy. I'm doin' cartwheels. Know what I'm saying?"

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