Shots in the Dark

A Soulard bar aims for the Guinness book with 200 shots of tequila

Reaction from the participants is varied. "Much-needed frivolity," says Tom Burnham, a social worker. "I thought the shot was a little short, though. You do much better when you order in the bar."

"They need to practice," says Jim Sardo, bon vivant and mail carrier. "I saw seven kick-outs. Some people missed their mouths. What is it about 'Keep the lid on and don't drink until the camera is on you' don't they understand?"

Kraiberg reports no unseemly incidents. The Slam concludes with no more heat than a momentary fire in the belly -- the Sauza announcing its arrival. "Hey, it's a little squirrelly," concedes the commish, "but, then, Soulard's a little squirrelly, too."

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