Uh, What We Meant to Say...

Cardinals find a new closer for their stadium quest

The Cardinals owners have never claimed they are unable to finance a new stadium, only that it would be a ludicrous business choice in light of the public largesse bestowed on other teams. Their advocates also like to cite downtown tax abatements and credits or, in the county, handouts to wealthy shopping-center developers (through abuse of tax-increment financing) as evidence that this is just the way things are done in 2001.

No public official has ever suggested that the team needs public help, only that downtown and the city need the team and that, in the current environment of public welfare, it could takes its ball and go to Illinois. No one can plausibly suggest that handing unneeded hundreds of millions to billionaires -- at a time of drastic cutbacks and recession (even before Sept. 11) -- is the right thing to do.

It is not. It's as wrong today as it ever was.

Not even the Post-Dispatch can revise that.

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