J.A. Lobbia: A Tribute

Lobbia's impact on this newspaper was without parallel

That is, until the story came out. At first glance, this might have seemed like just some cute little Italian girl, but beneath that beguiling exterior lived a fearless, thorough, tireless, honest, world-class reporter.

Julie was a ball of glorious paradoxes, except one: Her commitment to helping the less fortunate in her journalism was matched by a private life filled with giving and charity the likes of which I've never seen. She didn't contain an ounce of meanness or prejudice, and she really cared.

No wonder her beloved husband, Joseph S. Jesselli -- a fellow journalist whom she met at the Voice -- was proud when people called him Mr. Lobbia. No wonder her best friend, Jeff Truesdell, eulogized her on Tuesday as "an unbelievable woman, the absolute kindest person in the world."

Julie Lobbia, 1958-2001
courtesy of the Village Voice
Julie Lobbia, 1958-2001

I love you, Julie Lobbia, and so do a hell of a lot of other people. The world will miss you more than you'd ever have been willing to admit.

Now, go ahead and haunt me all you want.

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