Married to the Job

Mike Owens gets conflicted reporting on his wife's workplace

Owens knows that if Krewson runs for citywide office, scrunity will increase.

"If she does this, then my bosses will have to say, 'What are we doing here?' I'm prepared for that," he says. "I think we do that now. I'm very attuned to the criticism and I try to make sure I'm not left open to that, which [is why] I'm so surprised that Vince Schoemehl is saying this. Interestingly enough he has time to talk to you about this; when I was doing that story, I called him three times and he not once called me back."

Mike Owens
Jennifer Silverberg
Mike Owens

The problem is, too often what has to do with the city has subplots that have to do with Owens' wife. And that's an issue that will get trickier as the August 2002 Democratic primary draws closer.

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