Jim Talent's Low Blow

Republican hopeful can't seem to fight like a man

Talent could run against Carnahan from the right on such hot-button issues, but that would be difficult to square with the moderate persona he has forged, thanks to a low-key style and some enlightened positions on small-business and urban issues. He likely would get crushed.

To the Republicans' dismay, this isn't about sympathy for Carnahan. True, she has proved a remarkably courageous and admirable woman in coping with her tragedies, but she's a respected, hardworking and wise senator as well. If the Republicans have evidence to the contrary, they haven't shown it.

Carnahan also isn't down on Talent's level in the dignity department. That's too bad, really, because "Men for Carnahan" could be as entertaining as "Women for Talent."

I can hear it now: "They're going to tell you that you should vote for the other Senate candidate just because he has balls."

Nah. Judging from Jim Talent's campaign so far, nobody would say that.

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