News Clipped

KMOX radio finds talk is cheap and news isn't

The absentee-landlord status of Infinity is, on the surface, not that different than CBS' during Hyland's tenure, but its attitude and actions are. KMOX is a cash cow to be milked, and decisions made about its future aren't local. (Yes, yes, we know. Ray Hartmann sold the RFT three years ago, and some people don't like that, either. Short Cuts advises the grumpy to write a letter to the editor.)

The contract negotiations may have broken down, but they have not been abandoned. A strike is possible, according to AFTRA members at the station, but because the three street reporters are not protected from dismissal by the union contract, a strike could be, to be euphemistic, counterproductive.

Times have changed in media. So maybe the days of listeners' being fixated on 1120 for news and sports are dwindling to a precious few. The least KMOX can do is scale back its promo about "winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award" for spot-news reporting that it uses numerous times each day. That national award was won for reportage in the wake of the plane crash that killed Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan, an unscheduled news event that took place during a Cardinal baseball game.

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