When Pigs Fly

On this flight, the biggest threat seemed to be a gassed-up, grabby pilot

When pilot Butch Gorman takes over the controls of a 757, it's clear who's captain of the ship. A TWA pilot who now works for American Airlines, Gorman has the swagger one would expect of a former Marine helicopter gunner who served in Vietnam. At about 6-foot-2 and more than 200 pounds, he's not only an imposing figure but loud and boisterous -- just the kind of guy to make a lasting impression. He certainly made one on flight attendant Maria Chiefari.

Chiefari, a slender, dark-haired, dark-eyed beauty from Portugal, lives in Belleville with her husband and three children. In 1999, she was delighted when TWA offered her a flight-attendant job.

While still a probationary employee, Chiefari, 37, was scheduled to work a late-afternoon flight from St. Louis to Baltimore on June 26, 2000. She and the rest of the crew would spend the night at an Embassy Suites near Baltimore/Washington International Airport, then work a flight from Baltimore back to St. Louis early the next morning. Chiefari didn't know any of the more senior crew members working the flight, and she didn't have a chance to meet their captain, Gorman, until they landed in Baltimore around 5 p.m. and got together as a group to wait for the hotel bus.

Maria Chiefari
Jennifer Silverberg
Maria Chiefari

"What have we got here, a hot-blooded Portuguese?" Chiefari claims Gorman said when he noticed the Portuguese flag pinned to her lapel. Then, as she climbed the bus steps, Chiefari alleges that Gorman, who was standing behind her, reached up and grabbed her crotch. Chiefari says she ordered Gorman to stop but that other crew members didn't act too shocked. Chiefari says her in-flight supervisor, Rachelle Todd, excused Gorman's behavior, saying that the pilot "just needed to eat."

After they checked in at the Embassy Suites, the crew planned to celebrate Todd's birthday by going to her favorite seafood restaurant. Although she had originally agreed to go, Chiefari says she was having second thoughts about being around Gorman. But when Todd called Chiefari in her room and asked her to come along, she relented and agreed to meet them downstairs in the hotel bar.

Gorman, clad in a black T-shirt with a red "TWA" emblazoned across his chest, was already down in the bar, and, according to the bartender working that night, he was "extremely rude and obnoxious." The bartender, who asked that his name not be published, says that after he served Gorman two glasses of wine, the pilot fell "over backward in the chair." The bartender helped Gorman up from the ground and told the pilot to "knock this off or I'm gonna have to cut you off." He gave Gorman a third glass of wine but then refused to serve the "boisterous" pilot any more alcohol. The bartender told the Riverfront Times that Gorman appeared to have had too much to drink but that a "man of that size, his body weight and his structure and his build -- three glasses of wine shouldn't have done that to him."

The boorish behavior didn't subside when Chiefari arrived. When he spotted her, Chiefari claims, Gorman grabbed the zipper of his pants and said, "Isn't it a shame that half of it goes to waste?"

Although the bartender didn't hear the conversation between pilot and flight attendant, he said it was clear that Gorman was "extremely interested" in Chiefari and that it was equally clear she wasn't interested in him. He "was trying to get very close to her, and she was backing away from him," the bartender says. "He was a pig about it."

Rather than fend off Gorman, Chiefari chose to go outside and wait for the shuttle bus that was scheduled to take them to the restaurant. And when she got on board, she made sure she was sitting far from Gorman. He chose a seat in the front, behind the driver. She opted for a seat across the aisle, in the second-to-last row. Chiefari says she avoided eye contact with the pilot by looking out the window -- unfortunately, it prevented her from seeing him walk down the aisle toward her. Without warning, Gorman shoved his right forearm under her chin and against her neck, knocking her head against the windowpane. His left fist was jammed between her legs, pinning her against the seat and making it impossible to escape his alcohol-laced breath and his tongue licking her face, she later said in a sworn statement.

The driver stopped the bus, and, along with the first officer, pulled Gorman off the woman, who now had lipstick smeared all over her face. When the bus arrived at the restaurant, Chiefari headed straight for the women's bathroom to clean herself up and calm herself down. Instead of rejoining the group when she was done, Chiefari walked out of the restaurant and hoped to return to the hotel -- but the bus was gone, so she had to walk. The first officer, whom Chiefari describes as "very gentlemanlike," noticed her hasty exit and joined her to make sure she was all right. As they trekked down the road, it started raining. Eventually a man driving past saw the bedraggled pair, took pity on them and gave them a lift back to the hotel.

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