Organic Jam

Hey, what's that glowstick doing in the granola? Lake Trout redefines the jam-band label for the electronic age.

One of the few bands that could share a stage with Beastie Boys' keyboardist Money Mark, indie rockers the Dismemberment Plan and jazzy drum & bass producer Amon Tobin, Lake Trout makes music that's accessible to a wide array of seemingly disparate audiences. Followers of the group are advised to expect the unexpected with each new album and show, because Lake Trout's one constant is change. "We're not going to put the same kind of album out twice," Ranere chuckles, "unless we start getting sponsored by Taco Bell and it's the only way to continue our coke habits or pay off our beach homes."

Lake Trout
Lake Trout


Performs with Mississippi Drift on Saturday, March 9

So, to correct those deceitful lyrics: "If you want me/that's just what I won't be."

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