Bud Bank Shot

King of Beers plays the angles to put money in Krewson's pocket

Anheuser-Busch may be investing in Krewson's future as much as paying her back for her past. Krewson is running for president of the Board of Aldermen against 16th Ward Ald. Jim Shrewsbury, who has been serving as interim board president since Francis Slay resigned to run for mayor. As a candidate for aldermanic president, Krewson can accept donations of up to $1,175, a sharp increase from the previous limit of $275 for mere aldermen. In the last campaign report, Shrewsbury's $103,197.74 gave him an edge over Krewson's $79,649.64.

For the record, the earnings-tax exemption for stock options passed on a 23-4 vote, with Shrewsbury one of the four opponents. At the time, Krewson's argument for the bill was that it would attract dot-com companies, which rely on stock options to reward workers, to the city. But the main problem with messing with the earnings tax is that it generates about one-third of city revenue, and, in the face of serious budget problems, any decrease in tax revenues is painful.

Krewson, who is often mentioned as a future candidate for Congress or mayor, tries to deflect speculation about her political future.

Ald. Lyda Krewson (D-28th Ward)
Ald. Lyda Krewson (D-28th Ward)

"Right now, I'm concentrating on being the 28th Ward alderman and getting elected president of the Board of Aldermen -- and I think Francis Slay is doing a great job," she says.

But when pressed, Krewson doesn't rule out a run at City Hall: "Sure, I think it would be great to be mayor."

Too bad the job doesn't come with stock options.

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