The Way We Were

Week of March 27, 2002

Studio Static
Nobody spends that much: Thank you for exposing the plight of bands who need rehearsal space [Jason Toon, "Debt Rehearsal," March 13]. I was excited about the article until I read it; the excitement dissolved when I saw rates for Berzerker Studios misquoted four times the actual cost! No one spends $400 on rehearsal space. The average five-piece spends $93 per month (or $26 per week) on a great room with a PA. Some spend more, some less. The more expensive rooms accommodate 12-piece bands. Berzerker Studios is not about fat cats offering a solution the average band cannot afford. It is about eliminating obstacles. We are here for the average band! We know what it takes to keep a project together because we have been at it more than 10 years. We have staked our reputation on building infrastructure in the local scene so musicians stay together and remain productive -- the key to gaining marketability in the world at large.
Amy Bidz
Berzerker Studios
St. Louis

What's Best for Wurst?
Hold the kraut and hot mustard: What? In this week's "Night & Day," the featured event for Saturday, March 23 is the Wurstfest in Hermann, Mo., instead of our benefit for St. Louis Effort for AIDS, featuring hometown-boy-makes-good Kevin Spirtas, star of Broadway, movies, and "Days of Our Lives!" Not that it matters -- it's sold out anyway -- but your little sin of omission sums it up for me as to what's wrong with St. Louis and why I choose to work mostly in other cities. Bumped for a wiener festival. So, instead of going with the best, you featured the wurst. But I do still enjoy Eddie Silva's columns and Brian Hohlfeld does an excellent job with theater reviews.
Christopher Jackson
St. Louis

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