Sounds Around Town

Week of April 10, 2002

Uncle Albert: Hammerstone's, Fri.

Undecided Noyz: Turtles on Main Street, Sat.

Unstable Tina: Novak's, Sat.

Upright Bass Players Trio: 630, Sat.

Uptown: Rusty's, Fri. and Sat.

Usual Suspects: Patrick's, Tue.

Dave Venn Quartet: Wild Flower, Thu.

Dave Venn: Cafe Balaban, Tue.

Mike Vestal: Martini's Restaurant on Broadway, Fri. and Sat.

Tony Viviano: Candicci's, Wed.

Voodoo Blues: Hammerstone's, Sun.

Dale Watson: Off Broadway, Wed.

Well Hungarians: Laurie's Place, Tue.; E.T.'s House of Rock, Wed.

Paul Westcott: Dressel's Pub, Fri. and Sat.

Suzanne Westenhoefer: Blueberry Hill, Sat.

Larry Wilks: JP's Corner Bar, Wed.

Brooks Williams: Gargoyle, Sun.

Keller Williams: Mississippi Nights, Wed.

Ptah Williams Group: Delmar Restaurant & Lounge, Sun.

Ptah Williams Trio: Riddle's Penultimate Cafe & Wine Bar, Wed.

Women in Rock: Off Broadway, Thu.

Wood 'n' Steel: Shanti, Sat.

Luke Wrischnik: Neruda, Thu.

Yard Squad: Enigma Lounge, Fri.

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