Wonk's Luck

African-American anger at the Democrats gives Jim Talent an opening

That would be Carnahan.

Talent seems sincere in his desire to meet with people and hash out real-world -- albeit Republican-friendly -- solutions to urban problems. But for most African-Americans, the fact that he's on the same side of the aisle as Ashcroft and Senator Christopher "Kit" Bond may trump his earnestness.

Meanwhile, North St. Louis festers, no matter who wins.

Jim Talent campaigning in North St. Louis
Jennifer Silverberg
Jim Talent campaigning in North St. Louis

Less than two years after Talent's Community Renewal Act passed, 40 cities or rural towns have been tapped to be part of that program and its $17 billion in tax incentives. St. Louis isn't one of them. The city's Democratic administration never applied.

It just shows that you can pass an act to renew a community, but you can't make a community act to be renewed.

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