Oops, They Did It Again

Fear not, noise-dorks: The mighty Oops! tour returns from the past to deliver the future.

The Locust: As its name implies, the Locust sounds like a swarming wave of grinding insect horror. It buttresses a full-frontal guitar/bass/drum/vocal assault with shrill, whirring keyboard sounds that up the freakout quotient considerably. The Locust burrowed out of California's soft punk underbelly, but the only remnants of its hardcore past are the blink-and-you-miss-it song lengths and the rabid devotion (some might say "destructive tendencies") of its fans. You might notice a red glow surrounding the members of the Locust as they throw themselves into their blurry, cacophonous set: It is not an aura of bloodlust they project, merely the increase in light radiation wavelength caused by the Doppler effect as they approach and then surpass the speed of light. Please keep your arms and legs inside the club at all times, because the Locust will rip them off through pure velocity.

Lightning Bolt, industrious crafters of heavy, sinuous 
Lightning Bolt, industrious crafters of heavy, sinuous music
Creepy Crawl

And one final note: As a wise man once warned, "No one in the venue may look Danzig in the eye." So don't even try it.

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