Sounds Around Town

Week of August 7, 2002

Juke Joint: Murphy's Bleachers, Thu.-Sat.

K.T.: K.T.'s Sports Bar & Restaurant, Sat.

David G. Kalz & Impala Deluxe and the Tony Campanella Band: Blueberry Hill, Sat.

Tom Kelly: Failoni's, Thu. and Fri.

Mike King Duo: Brandt's, Sun.

Lenny Kravitz: UMB Bank Pavilion, Wed.

Jan LaCroix: Sam's Steakhouse, Wed.-Sat.

Dave Landreth: Tangerine, Tue.

Jeff Lash Trio: Cicero's, Mon.

Scott Laytham & Karl Holmes: Alton Belle Riverboat Casino, Fri. and Sat.

Leslie & Ted: Harry's Restaurant & Bar, Fri.

Less Than Jake: Pageant, Thu.

Little Grizzly: Frederick's Music Lounge, Fri.

Lonestar: Six Flags, Sat.

Loud Mouth Soup: Parrot's Sports Bar & Grill, Sat.

Mad Maynard & Jackie McCoy: Generations, Wed.; Joe Hanon's, Sun.

Maria Victoria: Viva!, Sat.

Marsville: Molly's, Tue.; Hammerstone's, Thu.; Molly's, Tue.

Matt's Barrelhouse Blues: Beale on Broadway, Fri.

Walker McClellan Quartet: Enigma Lounge, Thu.

Dave McKee: Nino's Ristorante, Wed., Fri. and Sat.

Eric McSpadden & Margaret Bianchetta: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Sat.

Stan Meeks: Neruda, Fri.

Megamix: Club La Onda, Fri.

Melroys: Porky's Backyard Barbeque, Sat.

Mighty Big Band: Missouri Bar & Grill, Sun.

Mr. Dill: Nik's Wine Bar, Sat.

Mister E Marchine: Rusty's, Sat.

Mojo Syndrome: Broadway Oyster Bar, Wed.

Moore Pleasure: Laurie's Place, Wed.; Vanzo's, Thu. and Fri.

Moore Pleasure Jam Session: Laurie's Place, Sat.

Allison Moorer: Blueberry Hill, Tue.

Musica Nortena: Club La Onda, Sat.

Charlie Musselwhite: Blueberry Hill, Thu.

Muzodica: Gary's Fine Dining, Wed. and Sat.

My Two Planets: Mississippi Nights, Sat.

Naked Groove Quartet: C.J. Muggs, Sat.

Nameless: Parrot's Sports Bar & Grill, Fri.

Melissa Neels Band: Mike & Min's Restaurant, Sat.; Broadway Oyster Bar, Sun.

Neon Cadillac: Ardie & Tiny's Lounge, Fri. and Sat.

Neuter the Stupid: Fat Tuesday, Sat.

Neville Brothers: Pageant, Fri.

Night Owls: Mustang Sally's Club 64, Sat.

Night Sky Band: Night Sky, Tue.-Sat.

John Norment Allstars: Delmar Restaurant & Lounge, Sat.

John Norment Trio: Brandt's, Sat.

Nucleus: Cicero's, Wed.

Oliver: Hide-Away Lounge, Thu.

One Step Shift: Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts, Thu.

Open Mic: Stagger Inn ... Again, Wed. and Sun.; Divinity, Thu.; Little Easy, Thu.; Molly's, Mon.; Frederick's Music Lounge, Thu.; Cicero's, Sun.

Opposition: Frederick's Music Lounge, Tue.

Orbits: Jackie Smith's Louisiana Cafe, Sat.

Beth Orton: Pageant, Sat.

Park Avenue Jazz: Hammerstone's, Wed.

Patti & the Hitmen: Loading Dock Restaurant & Bar, Sun.

Steve Pecaro: Smitty's, Sat.

Pennsylvania Slim Blues: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Sat.; Main Street Jazz & Blues, Thu.

Pepperland: Baha Rock Club, Wed.

Leroy Pierson: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Thu. and Fri.

PMS: Novak's, Sat.

Project 3: Joe Hanon's, Fri. and Sat.

Psycho Bitch: Velvet, Sat.

Q: Fred's Four Corners Lounge, Mon.-Thu. and Sun.

Rail: Baha Rock Club, Sat.

Markus Ray: Fast Eddie's Bon-Air, Sat.

Red Line: Lemmons Basement Bar, Thu.

Relation: JP's Corner Bar, Sat.

Rhythm Rockers: Generations, Sat.

Ron Richard: Lagniappe's, Sat.

River City Blues: 1860's Hard Shell Cafe & Bar, Sun.

Georgy Rock: Brandt's, Mon.

Rockhouse Ramblers and Diesel Island: Lemmons Basement Bar, Sat.

Andy Rola: Massa's Restaurant, Sat.

Anita Rosamond: Smitty's, Sat.; Failoni's, Thu.

Ross & Hunt & the Ground Floor Band: Molly's, Thu. and Fri.

Salsarengue: Viva!, Thu. and Sat.

Janet Savage & Bruce Britton: Red Dog Bar & Grill, Wed.

Steve Schneider: Southern Belle Supper Club, Thu.

The Science: Blueberry Hill, Fri.

Tim Scott: Cheshire Pub, Wed. and Sun.; Lagniappe's, Fri.; Joanie's Pizzeria, Sat.

Sessions: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Mon.

710: Country Club, Sat.

Shattered: Anthony's, Fri.

Shell: Frederick's Music Lounge, Wed.

Sin City: Magee's, Fri.

Singsations: George's Route 66, Tue.-Thu.

Jimmy Sinovich: Hodak's Restaurant, Mon. and Tue.

Skyline: Porky's Backyard Barbeque, Fri.

Slayer: Pageant, Sun.

Renee Smith Sole Blues: Jackie Smith's Louisiana Cafe, Fri.

Smokehouse Allstars: St. Louis Brewery & Tap Room, Fri.

Smokstik: Baha Rock Club, Thu.

Darren Snow: Kearbey's, Fri.

Solid Senders: Beale on Broadway, Tue.

Soul Reunion: 1860's Hard Shell Cafe & Bar, Thu. and Sat.; Rick's Cafe Americain, Sat.

Soulard Blues: Broadway Oyster Bar, Mon.

Spring Clock Wonder: Three-1-Three, Sat.

Dan Sproat: Concord Grill, Thu.

Tory Z. Starbuck: Frederick's Music Lounge, Sat.

Steely Dan Tribute: Off Broadway, Sat.

Dave Stone Trio: Mangia Italiano, Fri. and Sat.

Marcell Strong & the Apostles: 1860's Hard Shell Cafe & Bar, Wed.; JP's Corner Bar, Fri.

Supervillainzero: Off Broadway, Wed.

Mike Swedo Trio: Brandt's, Fri.

T-Bone: Molly's, Sat.

Tom Tele: Rumple's Pub, Wed. and Sun.

Third Degree: Louie's Lounge, Sat.

Jon Thomas & Friends: Delmar Restaurant & Lounge, Fri.; Sweetie Pie's, Fri.

Thunder Guppies: Trainwreck Saloon at Westport, Thu.

Tripstar: Off Broadway, Fri.

Trixie Delight: E.T.'s House of Rock, Wed. and Fri.

Bill Tucker Ensemble: Tiffany Rose, Nightly; Pierre's, Fri. and Sat.

Melvin Turnage: Molly's, Wed.; E.T.'s House of Rock, Thu.

Two Dick Bob: E.T.'s House of Rock, Tue.; Fat Tuesday, Fri.

2 Skinnee J's: Mississippi Nights, Sun.

U. City Social Jazz Club: Satchmo's Bar & Grill, Sat.

UltraViolets: Helen Fitzgerald's, Fri.

Uncle Albert: Hammerstone's, Fri.

Uptown: Harrah's Stage Left Lounge, Fri.

Urban Jazz Naturals: Enigma Lounge, Sat.

Usual Suspects: Patrick's, Tue.

Dave Venn Quartet: Wild Flower, Thu.

Brian Villier: Partner's Lounge, Fri. and Sat.

Vissions: Famous Bar, Sat.

Voodoo Blues: Hammerstone's, Sun.

James Warfield Jr.: Main Street Jazz & Blues, Sat.

Bobby Watson Quintet: Blueberry Hill, Sun.

Well Hungarians: Laurie's Place, Tue.

What About Bob: Hammerstone's, Tue.

Wild, Cool & Swingin': Backstreet Jazz & Blues, Wed.

Ptah Williams Group: Delmar Restaurant & Lounge, Sun.

Ptah Williams: Cafe Balaban, Tue.

Without a Trace: Mr. T's 55 Bar & Grill, Fri.

Perry Woods Experience: Satchmo's Bar & Grill, Thu. and Fri.

Luke Wrischnik: Neruda, Thu.

Yellowcard: Hi-Pointe, Wed.

Yidn: Brandt's, Wed.

Zelphia: Grand Marais Lighthouse, Wed.

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