St. Hatchet

Callow still feared despite backing another loser

Well, yeah, the decibel level was lower and the median age higher at Council Plaza, but all those old white people over there voted. Elections aren't determined by vivacity or trendiness -- it's the votes, stupid.

And not all those present were of the Caucasian persuasion. Aldermen Mike McMillan (D-19th) and Greg Carter (D-27th), Comptroller Green and U.S. Representative William "Lacy" Clay all were hangin' with the homies at Shrewsbury's bash. Clay has not forgotten Krewson's idiotic move to testify for Representative Dick Gephardt and against Clay at a hearing on redistricting last year.

"Lyda had her reasons for doing it, but it surely didn't endear her with me," Clay said between handshakes at Council Plaza. "It was a factor in my decision on who I supported. Jim didn't testify against me, and I respect that. She shouldn't have -- she was my alderman. She is still my alderman. But people learn from their mistakes; that's the tough part of this business. You learn after the fact.... Sometimes they can be really deadly."

And maybe what doesn't kill you makes you wonder what you'll do next time, whether you're a winner, a loser or a scapegoat.

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