Guilty Pleasures

Nobody has the right to judge you for your secret musical kinks -- but everyone will

Then there's the nostalgia angle, when you begin liking songs from your past because they recall happier times. Sure, you hated Jesus Jones twelve years ago, but now, when you hear "Right Here, Right Now," all you can think about is that you had hair in 1991 and how nice that was. These two factors alone explain why Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons are still pulling in royalty checks.

The only way to escape this cycle of guilt is confession. We must stand eye to eye, our Bell Biv Devoe and Night Ranger in our hands, and learn to accept that we are not perfect. Go ahead: Admit that you think "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" is the saddest song in the world. Make "Islands in the Stream" your relationship's theme song. Rock out to "Round and Round." Buy Michael Jackson's latest album. Life is too short to live in shame. Turn around, bright eyes, indeed.

Eric Almendral

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