Smells Like Unsane

The noise-rock dreadnought is reunited, and it feels so good

The visceral nature of his writing stems from the fact that Spencer writes with an audience of one in mind: "When I write the words for songs, it's sort of, just so I'm reminded of an experience. So whatever will hit me the hardest, that's what I'm trying to do. I'm not at all about the fantasy aspect of rock. To me music, if you're playing music, it's very self-centered. To write music just for yourself, that really hits home with you, so when you're playing live over 300 times a year, every time you play it it's gonna hit you pretty hard -- because you're thinking about something specifically that happened to you, or a friend of yours, or right in front of you."

Creepy Crawl

Although this current tour is only twelve dates long, Spencer has "four or five" new songs written that he hopes to debut in front of a live audience. He also says that Unsane might make another record and possibly tour again in the spring, so maybe Chicago will get a chance to hear Unsane at some point. OK, Chicago gets to hear them the day after we do. But remember, you're getting the chance to hear them first. Don't blow it.

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