Fuzak It Ain't

Yakuza mixes rock and jazz, but don't let that scare you off

Even more quizzical is "01000011110011," the album's closing cut, a 43-minute-plus jazz meditation that's actually several loops of a shorter space jam. "We had some tape left when we were done with the record," Lamont deadpans.

In fact, the track is an introduction of sorts to the band's jazz-improv alter ego, Kabuki Mono, under the guise of which the musicians also plan to record and tour. "It's the same lineup as Yakuza," Clark says. "The only kind of structure that we work with on a song is the key. Beyond that, it's all improv."

Things are definitely on the upswing for the band these days: Although Plonka's exit from the band was rough, Cabanban's arrival signaled a change for the better. "We're a lot tighter as a band since Andrei's come in," Lamont says, "and at the same time we have a willingness to try different things. We've developed a 'Why not?' attitude about music. It's, like, 'Well, why not try that? If it doesn't work, fine.'

Yakuza: token goat-worshipers of Warped
Marty Perez
Yakuza: token goat-worshipers of Warped
Creepy Crawl

"These past few months have been incredible since the record came out," he continues. "The press has been great, which is huge. And the record is coming out in Europe, and it's the same thing over there. We're kind of overwhelmed in that respect, but we realize that there's a whole lot of work ahead for us."

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