Cold Comfort

Coldplay reinvigorates the power ballad for the MTV2 generation

Still, just as the most important thing to remember about not being married is that you're not married, Coldplay knows it's the power ballad that butters its freshest loaf of creative bread. Weaving cataclysmic guitar charges into otherwise sleepy, introspective ditties such as "The Scientist" and "Warning Sign" (the album's finest track), Coldplay reinvigorates an oft-derided genre, simultaneously and unintentionally improving the street cred of Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon and the like.

Coldplay understand that people hate them.
Coldplay understand that people hate them.
Savvis Center's Concert Club

But don't expect Martin to chime in about other musicians' cheesiness. "When there's fucking Exxon Oil and Enron and all that stuff, nobody's particularly bad," he explains. "We could go on a huge rant about the Backstreet Boys, but there's no point. They're not hurting anybody."

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