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Tuesday, March 11

If a friend told you he or she was going to an art exhibit of photos snapped at the scenes of auto accidents, you might think it sounded pretty tasteless (unless you're a fan of the David Cronenberg film Crash). The pieces in Contemporary Projects: Arnold Odermatt Photographs, though, are quiet and cool and devoid of blood or bodies. For 60 years, Swiss policeman Odermatt waited until accident scenes were clear of everything but the car before snapping his black-and-white photos. His images include an arresting shot of a Volkswagen Beetle that has tumbled down a steep, snowy incline and landed upside down on the road at the bottom; a smashed car that takes on the look of a disheveled, drunken W.C. Fields; and a frightening shot of convertible half-submerged in a river. There's horror here, yes, but also comedy, beauty and meditations on the intrusion of technology. The exhibit opens with tonight's 5:30-7:30 p.m. free reception and continues through April 20 at the Washington University Gallery of Art in Steinberg Hall, near the intersection of Forsyth and Skinker boulevards. Call 314-935-4523 for more info.

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