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Tuesday, March 18

The Ville and Carr Square in the city, Kinloch in the county and the south end of East St. Louis: four historic foci for African-American residents of the St. Louis area, four "havens from the humiliations of the segregated world beyond," in the words of the press release for Through the Eyes of a Child: Growing Up Black in St. Louis, 1940-90. The Missouri History Museum (near the intersection of Lindell Boulevard and DeBaliviere Avenue) mounts a new exhibit on the joys of childhood in four St. Louis neighborhoods and the evolution of those neighborhoods as official segregation faded and unofficial segregation took its place. Audio interviews, ambient sounds, photos, newspapers, videos and artifacts tell the story in three areas of the exhibit: home, school and church. Through the Eyes of a Child opens Sunday, March 16 and is on view daily, for free. Call 314-746-4599 for more info.

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