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Tuesday, April 1

In a recent column in The Nation on first lady Laura Bush's canceled poetry symposium, Katha Politt waxed poetic: "My daughter .../hates politics: Face it, Ma/they don't care what you think! All/passion, like Achilles/she stalks off to her room/to confide in her purple guitar and await/life's embassies. She's right/of course: bombs will be hurled/at ordinary streets ..." Washington University's International Writers' Center series concludes with a reading and booksigning by liberal columnist Politt, who's also an essayist, poet and the author of Subject to Debate: Sense & Dissents on Women & Feminism, at 7 p.m. Monday at the school's West Campus Conference Center (7425 Forsyth Boulevard). She also leads a seminar on "the art of the essay," followed by a reception at 4 p.m. today in Room 115 of Washington University's McMillan Hall. Susan Sontag has said of the outspoken columnist that "relief -- that someone is finally saying it -- is one of the many pleasures that Pollitt invariably gives me. Brave, funny, commonsensical, morally right on -- she's almost always right." Call 314-935-5576 for more on the free events.

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