Sounds Around Town

Week of March 26, 2003

Marshall Green: Big Daddy's, Sat.

Groovethang: Harry's Restaurant & Bar, Sat.; Helen Fitzgerald's, Fri.

Gumbohead: Broadway Oyster Bar, Sat.

Tom Hall: Lagniappe's, Wed.

Charles Hilliard and Billy Elam: Smitty's, Fri.

Hip-Hop Spin: Upstairs Lounge, Thu.

Hipcheck: Trainwreck Saloon at Westport, Thu.

Hired Help: Fast Eddie's Bon-Air, Sat. and Sun.

Hollywood 5: All American Bar, Sat.

Holmes Brothers: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Sat.

Honeyshakers and Greg Klyma: Off Broadway, Thu.

Honeyvox: Cafe Eau, Sat.

Hot House Sessions: Nik's Wine Bar & Hookah Lounge, Fri.

Hush: Vanzo's, Sat.

Ja Roo: Velvet, Fri.

Jake's Leg: Magee's, Thu.; Cicero's, Fri.

Boney James: Pageant, Sun.

JB: Tangerine, Sat.

Alvin Jett & the Hired Help: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Wed.

Jobim Dreams: Lagniappe's, Thu.

Joe & Sheila: Michon's Barbecue & Fish, Thu.

Joe Dirt: House of Rock, Fri.

Joe R: Tangerine, Thu.

Howard Johnson/Gary Wittner Group: Main Street Jazz & Blues, Fri. and Sat.

Oliver Johnson Duo: Chasers Lounge, Fri.

Stuart Johnson: Shanti, Sat.

Juke Joint: Murphy's Bleachers, Wed.-Sat.

Kansas: Pop's, Fri.

Todd Keller Duo: Trainwreck on the Landing, Sat.

Tom Kelly: Failoni's, Thu. and Fri.

Wayne Kimmler: Meridian Coffee House, Fri.

Kenny Kingston: Lo, Wed.

Mike Klick & Rhonda Stanley: Gladstone's, Wed.

Mike Klick and Scott Logan: Caleco's, Fri.

Knock-Knock: Halo Bar, Mon.

Steve Kyle: Brewhouse, Thu.

Jan LaCroix: Sam's Steakhouse, Wed.-Sat.

Last Missouri Exit: Brandt's, Sun.

Jimmy Lee: 1860's Hard Shell Cafe & Bar, Mon. and Sun.

Jimmy Lee & Friends: Players Pub, Fri.

Kevin Leman: Satchmo's Bar & Grill, Fri.

Little David Band: Laurie's Place, Sun.

Phil Loder: Cafe Eau, Thu. and Sun.

Loud Mouth Soup: Rusty's, Sat.

LP Outsiders: Cicero's, Wed.

Lucero: Frederick's Music Lounge, Fri.

Lucky Dan & Naked Mike: Rick's Cafe Americain, Wed.

Mad Maynard & Jackie McCoy: Generations, Wed.

Madahoochi: Cicero's, Mon.

Jim Manley & Mark Friedricks: Jimmy's on the Park Cafe, Sun.

Marsville: Hammerstone's, Thu.; Griffin's, Fri.

Maxtone Four: Studio Cafe, Fri.

Mayberries: Shanti, Wed.

McDonough Delta Duo: Beale on Broadway, Wed.

Rich McDonough Blues: Beale on Broadway, Fri.; SqWires, Sat.

Dave McKee: Nino's Ristorante, Sat.

Megamix: Club La Onda, Fri.

Javier Mendoza: Blueberry Hill, Sat.

Louis Michael: Chasers Lounge, Thu.; Jimmy's on the Park Cafe, Fri.

Mighty Big Band: Missouri Bar & Grill, Sun.

Mike 2600, Ryan B & Doug Surreal: Atomic Cowboy, Thu.

Mimsies: Frederick's Music Lounge, Wed.

Mr. Dill & Georgy Rock: Nik's Wine Bar & Hookah Lounge, Sat.; Robbie's Shrimp & BBQ Co., Fri.; Brandt's, Mon.

Mojo Syndrome: Riddle's Penultimate Cafe & Wine Bar, Sat.

Mooney Suzuki: Gargoyle, Fri.

Moore Pleasure: Laurie's Place, Wed. and Sat.; Vanzo's, Thu.; Our Place, Fri.

Moore Pleasure Jam Session: Laurie's Place, Sat.

Todd Mosby Trio: Riddle's Penultimate Cafe & Wine Bar, Fri.

Movielife: Galaxy, Wed.

Murder City Players: Frederick's Music Lounge, Sat.

Music Box: Harry's West, Sat.

Musica Nortena: Club La Onda, Sat.

My Two Planets: Stagger Inn ... Again, Sat.

Needles: Nik's Wine Bar & Hookah Lounge, Thu.

Melissa Neels Band: Broadway Oyster Bar, Sun.; Carmody's, Sat.

Night Sky Band: Night Sky, Tue.-Sat.

Nonstop Reggae: Red Sea, Sat.

John Norment Trio: Riddle's Penultimate Cafe & Wine Bar, Sun.

North Mississippi Allstars: Blueberry Hill, Fri.

Old Number 8: Cicero's, Thu.

Oliver: Hide-Away Lounge, Thu.

Oliver Twisted: Pop's, Thu.

100% Drum & Bass: Lo, Thu.

Open Mic: Stagger Inn ... Again, Wed. and Sun.; Molly's, Mon.; Frederick's Music Lounge, Thu.; Cicero's, Sun.; Shot Heaven, Wed.; The Crossings Taverne & Grille, Wed.; That One Place, Tue.; Mike Talayna's Juke Box Restaurant, Tue.

The Other Guys Unplugged: Harry's West, Wed.

Paint the Earth: Helen Fitzgerald's, Wed.

Papa Ray: Tangerine, Wed.

Park Avenue Jazz: Hammerstone's, Wed.

Park Avenue Trio: Three-1-Three, Mon.

Passion Fish: Pop's, Wed.

Patti & the Hitmen: Crehan's, Fri.; Time Out Sports Bar, Sat.

Steve Pecaro: 1860's Hard Shell Cafe & Bar, Fri.

Billy Peek: Jo Jo' s Red Tonic, Wed.

Pennsylvania Slim: C.J. Muggs, Sat.; SqWires, Fri.

Leroy Pierson: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Thu. and Fri.

Players Pub Blues Band: Players Pub, Sat.

Powerplay: Harry's Restaurant & Bar, Fri.

Precise: Isis, Sat.

Project 3: Cafe Eau, Fri.

John Pyatt Trio: Jo Jo' s Red Tonic, Fri. and Sat.

R.A.J.T.K.: Zu Zu's Petals, Sat.

Ragtime Serenaders: Frederick's Music Lounge, Tue.

Rail: Baha Rock Club, Sat.

Eddie Randel: Smith & Slay's Restaurant & Bon Bar, Sat.

Erica Randolph & Javier Padial: Soulard Coffee Garden, Mon.

Rant & Rave: Aftershock Sports Bar & Grill, Sat.

Raven Moon: Borders Books & Music-Brentwood, Fri.

Real Me: That One Place, Fri.

Emery Reel: Radio Cherokee, Fri.

Reindrop: Halo Bar, Sun.

Rhythm Rockers: JP's Corner Bar, Wed. and Sat.; St. Louis All-Star Restaurant & Sports Bar, Fri.

Ron Richard: Lagniappe's, Sat.

River City Blues: 1860's Hard Shell Cafe & Bar, Sun.

Jesse Robinson: Ameristar Casino's Bottleneck Blues Bar, Wed.-Sun.

Anita Rosamond: Smitty's, Sat.; Failoni's, Thu.; Michael's on Main, Thu.

Ross & Hunt & the Ground Floor Band: Molly's, Thu.

Rotund Sound System: Upstairs Lounge, Sun.

Running with Scissors: Jacques Sports Bar, Sat.

Rx Blues: Mike & Min's Restaurant, Fri.

Sable: Fast Eddie's Bon-Air, Sat. and Sun.

Oliver Sain Revue: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Thu.

Oliver Sain & Friends: A.J.'s, Tue.-Thu.

Mitsu Saito: Borders Books & Music-Brentwood, Sat.

Mitsu Saito and Waybe Kilmer: Schlafly Tap Room, Sun.

Salsarengue: Viva!, Thu.

Michael Schaerer Group: Broadway Oyster Bar, Fri.

The Schwag: Bowland, Thu.

Tim Scott: Cheshire Pub, Wed. and Sun.; Lagniappe's, Fri.

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