Aislers Set and the Quails with Hella

Friday, April 4; Rocket Bar

Indie pop always gets a bad rap. Folks complain that itís too effete, too twee, too precious to be of any real worth. From the first track of the Aislers Setís new album How I Learned to Write Backwards, you might be fooled into thinking youíve purchased yet another sunshine-and-sherbet indie-pop record. Sure, there are a glockenspiel and mandatory handclaps around Amy Lintonís sweet, slightly off-key voice. And yes, the í60s influence is strong with this San Francisco band, which seems to use everything in Phil Spectorís arsenal except the handguns. But going deeper in the record, youíll find dissonance, drunkenness and doubt, qualities not usually associated with the genre. A respect for patience grounds all the urgent hooks, a mixture thatís equal parts Brian Wilson and Leonard Cohen.

Of course, if you prefer grit in your teeth to sand between your toes, the Quails will not disappoint. Another San Fran band, the Quails have more in common with their friends in Erase Errata and Sleater-Kinney than with the Aislerís Set, employing banshee wails alongside earnest lyrics. The Quails are adept enough to write simple pop songs; their sense of melody and style is recognizable from the start. Luckily, theyíd rather rattle your brain by yelling directly into your ear. Double bills such as this one donít come to town too often, so show up and catch two of the Bay Areaís finest.