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Monday, April 21

The Power of Living: Become the Media Tour is one of those events that induces cringing with its description alone. Sponsor Clamor magazine purports to represent "those left out of most mainstream media," and their coverage is definitely of the politically left, morally correct, cruelty-free variety. But Clamor does not come off like radical-leftist propaganda: Stories about senior-citizen bowling leagues and grad-student union organizers are compelling because they truly are voices rarely heard in mainstream magazines. Clamor founder John Kucsma brings his magazine to the Community Arts and Media Project (3022 Cherokee Street) at 8 p.m. for readings and discussion, with screenings of movies from the Rooftop Films series. If the low-budget films made by media outsiders are as entertaining as the magazine, it should be a swell evening all around. Admission is free; uncover further details at 314-359-2505.

Tuesday, April 22

Vintage carhop uniforms from the Parkmoor are ghosts of Memory, at the Missouri History Museum.
Vintage carhop uniforms from the Parkmoor are ghosts of Memory, at the Missouri History Museum.

If you're still struggling to adjust to the change in season and daylight-saving time, taiko drumming will cure what ails you. The millennia-old Japanese art is brute force disguised as music, the sort of physical experience that can reset your internal clock. St. Louis Osuwa Taiko celebrates the arrival of spring with "Kaika," a free performance at 5 p.m., just in front of Mallinckrodt Center on the Washington University campus (6445 Forsyth Boulevard). Experience the dense polyrhythmic layers of taiko, think about spring's beauty and skip out of work early: It's a trifecta of spirit-enhancing delights. Call 314-935-5234 for the lowdown on the percussive throwdown.

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