This Week's Day-by-Day Picks

Tuesday, April 29

Riverfront Times photographer Jennifer Silverberg's exhibit A Harvest of Hope: Midstream on the Migrant Trail documents her eighteen-month exploration of migrant-farm-worker culture in the Missouri Bootheel. The camera is a transparent observer, capturing life without commenting on it, and yet Silverberg's photographs convey something more visceral than casual observation or social journalism could describe. In "The Mariachi," four men stand against the blank horizon in their crisp black suits; one, older and thicker in the middle, curls his lip with a cheerful bravado that is inviting rather than intimidating; another, thinner and more compact than his friend, stands with his trumpet at chest level, gazing off to the side with saturnine detachment. "Mariachi" portrays the daily truth of immigrants: eager optimism tempered with lingering thoughts of something left behind. A Harvest of Hope is at the Bonsack Gallery, on the campus of John Burroughs School (755 South Price Road), through May 12. Call 314-993-4040 for hours.

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