Triple Play

Local college station KCLC-FM proves that adult album alternative radio doesn't have to suck

KCLC-FM general manager Mike Wall
Jennifer Silverberg
KCLC-FM general manager Mike Wall

Even with all the high-tech consoles and logic boards, KCLC still feels like a college station. Dead air comes and goes, the kids stumble over traffic reports and DJs still get excited about a new Tori Amos or Wallflowers track. "The traditional large college stations, which are cash cows, air NPR and Corporation for Public Broadcasting," Reighard says. "The students don't get much of a chance to play; they get to look over someone's shoulder, and most of the radio is based around fundraising. Most of the time, students end up with a 150-watt coffeepot to play their music, and that's it. We've never taken that approach. Fundraising is secondary to getting the students on the air and getting their hands dirty. We kick them out of here as juniors so they can do internships and work in the market. Most schools don't even let the students touch things until they're juniors. From the beginning, we teach them how not to blow up the equipment or get fined by the FCC, and then we let them run."

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