Confession Transcript

Read George Allen's complete 1982 police interrogation

A. Well, I think I was chasin' her up the steps.

Q. Then what happened upstairs?

A. Well, I was wrastlin' with her, tryin' to force some answers.

Q. Then what happened?

A. Ah, I think we went to bed together. And, ah, after that --

Q. Do you remember the bed?

A. Uh, it was a brass bed.

Q. Are you sayin' that because I showed you a picture of that or do you recall that?

A. I recall it.

Q. Okay.

A. Uh, then --

Q. You had -- did you have sex with her?

A. I think I did.

Q. What do you mean you think you did. You just said you chased her --

A. Uh --

Q. -- up the steps.

A. I did.

Q. And was it, ah, the normal thing or was it different ways or --

A. Well, it was more like I -- it was in a hurry and all, didn't know which way, you know I was --

Q. Did ya -- did you ah -- ah, go the front way?

A. Ah, yeah, the front was all there was to it, I think.

Q. Did you stick it in her butt?

A. Ah, no, I didn't.

Q. You sure of that?

A. Uh, no, I'm not sure.

Q. Could you have?

A. I might have. I could have.

Q. But you do remember going the normal way, the front way?

A. Yeah, I remember.

Q. Okay. Was there anything about her body that especially turned you on?

A. Um, her chest, breasts.

Q. What was -- what about her breasts?

A. They were large.

Q. Large breasts? And how was her body itself, was it, ah, -- describe her body, if you can.

A. Um, she was about, I'd say, five six, um maybe a hundred and twenty-five pounds.

Q. Uh-huh.

A. And, ah, thirty-eight, twenty-seven, twenty-five.

Q. Shit man, you talkin' about a big -- big, big chest, ain't ya? You sound like you're an authority on measurements. What'd you say thirty-eight --

A. Twenty-seven, thirty-five.

Q. Sounds awful good, doesn't it?

A. Yeah.

Q. Huh? Did she -- you said that -- you said that when she opened the door she said that she wasn't gonna let you up in there, right? And you forced your way in because -- didn't you say that she didn't let people in that she didn't know?

A. Yeah, that's what she said.

Q. Okay, then -- then I asked you if she let you in and your answer was what?

A. Um, my answer was I forced my way in.

Q. Okay. And then I asked you if you went up the steps and you said you did what?

A. Yeah, I went up the steps.

Q. Well --

A. I was chasin' her.

Q. Uh, okay. Okay. And she was wearin' what you said looked like a what?

A. A white nightgown.

Q. Okay. Did you have sex -- other than on the bed did you have sex anyplace else in that room?

A. Uh --

Q. Can you remember that?

A. On the floor. And, ah, I guess over against the wall and then --

Q. On the floor, next to where?

A. Next to the bed.

Q. Next to the bed. Between the bed and what?

A. Uh, the wall.

Q. Okay. Did you stick it in her butt?

A. Yeah, I guess I did. Yeah.

Q. Was she -- was she resisting this, George?

A. Uh, yes, she was.

Q. Had you ever had white girls before?

A. Yeah, I have.

Q. Huh? Well, where -- when you had white girls before, did you usually stick it in their butt like that, or --

A. Yeah, if it went in.

Q. (Inaudible) Okay. Now what you said so far is that you forced -- you chased her up the steps. You kind of forced your way in. You chased her up the steps. You went to the -- put her on the bed where you had relationship with her. Okay? Is that what you said? Answer, I can't --

A. Yeah, that's what I said.

Q. Okay. And I asked you if you had sex anyplace other than on the bed and you said --

A. Yeah.

Q. Where?

A. On the floor.

Q. Between the bed and --

A. The wall.

Q. And the wall. Was she still resisting you?

A. Yes, she was.

Q. Okay. Did you take her, either before you went to bed with her, into any other part of the house?

A. I don't remember it really.

Q. You don't remember? I mean, was she -- when she came up the steps was she, ah, running around the apartment or did she run right to the bed, or --

A. She ran in one room up and tried to, ah, hold the door shut.

Q. She tried to hold the door shut?

A. Uh-huh.

Q. And that door led to what?

A. The bedroom.

Q. To the bedroom. When you came up the steps where was this door at?

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