Confession Transcript

Read George Allen's complete 1982 police interrogation

A. Uh-huh.

Q. Okay. Was she -- when you started to go was she still screamin' or what was she doin'. 'Cause what's gonna keep her from screamin' if you left?

A. Well, I had hit her a couple a times and I think she was, ah --

Q. What'd you hit her with?

A. My hand.

Q. Well, -- didn't use nothin' else? Think about it now?

A. Uh-uh, nothin' else.

Q. Huh?

A. That was it.

Q. Well, I know you're a, you know, you're a pretty good size man.

A. Yeah.

Q. Didn't you cut her?

A. No, I don't remember cuttin' her.

Q. Didn't you get somethin' from the house and cut her?

A. What, like a knife from the kitchen? It might have happened that I hit her or somethin --

Q. I'm just --

A. -- but I don't remember it.

Q. I didn't say a knife in the kitchen. You said knife in a kitchen. I'm askin' you if you -- if you got anything? Why did you say knife in the kitchen?

A. I know I recall chasin' her through the house.

Q. Do you remember stickin' her with a knife. You remember all this other stuff?

A. No. I don't remember stickin' her with one, no.

Q. Do you remember havin' the knife?

A. Um, I remember I had a lady finger.

Q. What's a lady finger?

A. A knife about this long, sometime one carries.

Q. No, I'm talkin' about somethin' that might be bigger than that.

A. I don't remember havin' one.

Q. Think about it. You remember everything else. You remember the big titties, you remember the waist, you remember this, you remember that, you remember the steps, you remember the door. I'm askin' you about the knife.

A. No, I don't think so.

Q. You don't think so. Well, you said you hit her, right?

A. I hit her before I ran out of the house.

Q. Did you knock her out?

A. I think so. She was knocked out when I left.

Q. Well, how -- how was she knocked out?

A. I hit her pretty hard.

Q. Huh?

A. I hit her hard.

Q. With your fists?

A. Right.

Q. You didn't cut her?

A. No.

Q. You sure?

A. I'm sure.

Q. Absolutely positive?

A. Positive.

Q. Positive?

A. Positive.

Q. How did it feel just to -- you didn't cut her? (Cough)

A. No, I didn't. (Cough -- chair scoots)

Q. How many times you hit her?

A. About five or six times.

Q. Was there anything else on the floor close to the bed that you can remember? Somethin' sittin' on the floor?

A. I don't remember anything.

Q. Think about it. Was the place neat or was it kinda upset or what?

A. Yeah, it was neat.

Q. Do you remember going to the kitchen? Do you remember going to the kitchen?

A. I remember chasin' her through the kitchen.

Q. Well, awhile ago when I said did you cut her, you said --

A. Later, but I didn't cut her.

Q. With a -- with a -- what with a knife in the kitchen? And I was just wonderin' why you said that?

A. She -- I -- she might a had a knife or -- I didn't. She, you know --

Q. Did she have a knife?

A. I don't need a knife to handle most women?

Q. Well, I mean, there's no question about that, George, you're pretty good sized man.

A. No, I didn't have a knife.

Q. But I'm asking you did you see a knife?

A. I -- I saw one. She had it.

Q. She had a knife?

A. She had it, I knocked it from her hand.

Q. Oh, okay. Okay. Well then she had the knife. And she had the knife for what purpose?

A. Try and, you know, ah, you know, stop me from wrastlin' with her.

Q. Okay. Okay, did she cut you?

A. No, she didn't.

Q. You got no cuts on you?

A. No.

Q. Huh?

A. No.

Q. If I asked you to take your shirt off and everything I would see no cuts, would I?

A. No.

Q. None at all?

A. No cuts.

Q. No place on your body?

A. No cuts.

Q. You sure of that?

A. I'm sure.

Q. 'Cause I will look, you know?

A. I know.

Q. How about on your legs? On your knees?

A. Um --

Q. Nothin'. I'm gonna look, you know. Okay?

A. Sure.

Q. What'd this knife look like? (Cough)

A. It was a big butcher knife.

Q. Huh?

A. Big butcher knife.

Q. How long would you say it is?

A. Twelve.

Q. You're indicatin' how long?

A. About twelve inches long.

Q. About twelve inches? Did she drop the knife when you started to wrestle her?

A. Yeah, she dropped it.

Q. Did you pick it up?

A. No.

Q. Think about it now.

A. I didn't. You know.

Q. You didn't touch the knife?

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