Confession Transcript

Read George Allen's complete 1982 police interrogation

A. About this long.

Q. And you're indicatin' how long? How many inches would you say?

A. About twelve.

Q. And then I asked you to look at a picture of a knife. And which you looked at. And that's the picture in front of you. Does that look like the knife?

A. That looks like it.

Q. Is that the knife?

A. That's it.

Q. Okay. And you say that she dropped the knife in the kitchen and then went into the bedroom? Is that what you said?

A. Yeah, that's what I said.

Q. And you said that you had intercourse with her on the bed. Is that what you said?

A. (No response)

Q. Is that what you said?

A. Yeah, that's what I said.

Q. And I asked you if had -- you had intercourse with her anyplace else, other than the bed, and you said --

A. Yeah.

Q. Where?

A. On the floor.

Q. Between the bed and --

A. The wall.

Q. Okay. I asked you when you got ready to leave was she -- how was she? Was she screaming or what was she doing?

A. Was just -- well, that must have been when we had the fight.

Q. What fight? You didn't say anything about a fight. What fight you talkin' about?

A. When we were struggling, in the kitchen. And in the bedroom.

Q. Before you had intercourse?

A. Right.

Q. What happened then?

A. Well, she grabbed the knife.

Q. And then what happened?

A. And then we got in a fight.

Q. Did you get the knife then?

A. I don't remember gettin' it. I ran out the door. I was afraid. I didn't even look back.

Q. Was the fight before you had the intercourse or after you had intercourse?

A. Uh, it was one -- before and after.

Q. You had two fights with her?

A. Right.

Q. When you got done having intercourse with her, on the floor --

A. Yeah.

Q. And when you got ready to leave, was she -- how -- what was she doin'?

A. She was, ah, actually tryin' to hold me there.

Q. Hold ya there? Keep ya there?

A. Right.

Q. For what reason?

A. Until somebody call the police, I guess.

Q. You said that you heard somebody knockin' on the door?

A. Right.

Q. And you heard a person's voice and I asked you --

A. She -- she, ah, -- I think she left to get the police 'cause she had -- she slammed on her -- her door -- her neighbor's door slammed, all right?

Q. You heard -- you heard somebody knockin' on the door, you said. Right?

A. I heard her -- I heard it, yeah.

Q. All right. And you heard --

A. They was at the door. Like they was beatin' at the door.

Q. Okay. You heard a voice, right? And I asked you what kind of voice and you said it was -- I asked you --

A. A woman's voice.

Q. A woman's voice. When you heard the woman's voice what was you doing by -- when you heard the knocking on the door, what was you doing at that time?

A. I was wrestlin' with the woman. We was, ah -- well, I was wrestlin' with her.

Q. Okay. When did she get cut? You remember everything, George, up to the point where she got cut.

A. I don't remember that. I don't -- I don't remember whether it was before or after, but I think it was after.

Q. Okay. Did you cut her?

A. Yeah.

Q. How many times you stab her?

A. I don't remember, all I know is when we were fightin' and when she fell I ran away.

Q. She fall on her stomach or on her back or what?

A. I don't -- I don't remember how she fell.

Q. Did you cut her many times or just once or more than once or what, George?

A. Um, I really don't remember. It was, you know, it was a struggle and I -- I know she had the knife.

Q. Yeah.

A. And I took it from her, I guess. I don't remember how many times I stabbed her.

Q. You remember if -- if you stabbed her in the chest or in the legs or what part of her body, do you remember?

A. I remember strugglin' with her, I remember that she fell, and I remember I ran.

Q. Did you do anything else besides cut her? You remember what part of the body you cut her on?

A. I don't know.

Q. Huh?

A. If it was anywhere it had to be on her chest, 'cause um, this, ah --

Q. What do you mean, if it was anywhere? George, you're the one that was there, we wasn't there.

A. I don't remember her -- her gettin' stabbed. I remember -- all I remember was wrastlin' wit her and, ah -- that's all I remember.

Q. You was by yourself, is that right? Was anybody with you?

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