Confession Transcript

Read George Allen's complete 1982 police interrogation

A. No.

Q. So you was there alone?

A. Right.

Q. Nobody else went and took that woman to bed and forced their way up them steps but you, is that right?

A. Right.

Q. And nobody else had her on that bed and on that floor but you, is that right?

A. That's right.

Q. George, look at me now.

A. Huh?

Q. Did you cut her? Look at me, George, don't look at the table.

A. I don't remember cuttin' her.

Q. But you remember everything else.

A. I -- when I -- when -- when -- when I'm threatened with a weapon I'm -- I don't, ah, usually think, I just react. And I --

Q. You just react?

A. And I don't remember her -- whether she had cut me or not.

Q. Okay. You remember afterward now, after you had the struggle and about the knife, and this and that, you remember pickin' up that knife?

A. Um --

Q. Or did you still have the knife in your hand?

A. I don't remember pickin' it up at all.

Q. How did you cut her then, if you didn't have a knife in your hand?

A. It might have been durin' the fight. I could have forced her to cut herself.

Q. Did you pick up a towel?

A. I think I did.

Q. Did you put anything in that towel? Did you wrap anything up in that towel?

A. I don't know. I don't think so, no.

Q. Do you remember when you went back down the steps before you went out the door, did you take anything down them steps with you?

A. I don't know.

Q. George, I can't understand you. You remember so much, so many of the little details as I'm askin' you questions. You remember about the big bust she had, and about her waist and about this --

A. I'm rememberin' it 'cause you got the evidence. I don't --

Q. I showed you --

A. -- remember nothin'.

Q. You mentioned the knife. You mentioned the knife. You said a knife in the kitchen.

A. Yeah, but you got the evidence and the fingerprints, you know. Before we started talkin' I said, no, I don't remember.

Q. But now you do. Do you remember now?

A. Yeah, I remember.

DETECTIVE SCAGGS: I sure hope so.

MR. ALLEN: But the part about stabbin' her.

Q. I don't remember -- you remember everything but that?

A. I might have stabbed her, but I don't remember how many times or how I did it. And that's it. I might have stabbed her. I -- I -- if we was rappin' and she had a knife, I stabbed her. I'll say I stabbed her, but I don't remember how many times.

Q. You don't remember if -- if you left the knife there or if it was taken out of taken someplace else in the house before you left? You remember that?

A. I left everything there.

Q. But you remember where?

A. Everything was on the floor, you know. I didn't pick up nothin'.

Q. Do you remember if she was bleeding when you left?

A. I don't know. I didn't even look back.

Q. You remember stabbin' her?

A. I'll say I remember -- I remember stabbin' her but I don't remember -- I'm not -- I'm not gonna say I counted the times but I did --

Q. Was it many times, do you think?

A. (No response)

Q. George. George, look at me. Was it many times? How comes you can't -- you keep lookin' down?

A. Can't remember 'cause it durin' a fight. If I take a weapon from somebody and I stab 'em I'm not gonna be countin' the times that I stab 'em.

Q. Okay. Did you --

A. 'Cause if I did it would a hadda been a lotta times.

Q. Okay. Did you also cut her throat?

A. And if I was fightin' her with a knife I wouldn't a stopped and lookin' what -- what I was cuttin' either.

Q. George. After you had sex with this woman, did you kill this woman?

A. I don't remember killin' her, I really don't.

Q. Do you remember cuttin' her up?

A. I remember fightin' with her. Now, I might have picked up a towel to wipe the blood off, but that's about it.

Q. To wipe the blood off of what?

A. Off of me.

DETECTIVE SCAGGS: Do you recall what the color of the towel was? Do you remember?

A. (No response)

SERGEANT RILEY: I'm gonna show you a picture of a woman, okay? You lookin' at that picture? Go ahead, pick it up and look at it. Hold it up good'n close to you. Is this what you're talkin' about? George? Is that the woman you had sex with? Look at me, George. George.

A. I guess so.

Q. What you mean you guess so?

A. I'm just settin' here thinkin' about it an I --

Q. Think about there's another picture. It should be noted for the purpose of this cassette tape that, ah, George Allen, Jr., is looking at two photographs of the victim. It should also be noticed -- noted that Detective Scaggs is also present in the interview room at this time.

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