Will Power

Centro-matic's (and South San Gabriel's) Will Johnson is one of rock music's most prolific composers

"I'll come up with these characters and then follow them through to the end," Johnson says. Where do they take him? To a place where what doesn't kill you leaves your soul stripped to a single, inextinguishable flame. "Rusted through those seasons of newest, newest blood," Johnson whispers on Murder of Tides' second track, "that holds all the vices and dangers -- it's a warfare commonly linked to you."

Will Johnson is not a songwriter's songwriter.
Peter Salisbury
Will Johnson is not a songwriter's songwriter.
Off Broadway

"I didn't even tell my band members 'til the end," Johnson says of his divorce, which has been the fuse for much of his solo material over the past three years. "That song, 'Commonly Linked,' is about freezing someone out as a kind of warfare. It's not National Enquirer crap, but I kept the end of that relationship inside me. I guess these songs are like a healing. I felt I had exorcised some demons, without getting ugly or having one person in the crosshairs. I know it sounds generic, but it's just a document of a difficult period."

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