Inn Again

Week of August 13, 2003

And listen closer to that record, Gina. In a couple years you just might realize those critics were right on target.
Brian McClelland
St. Louis

India Ink
Hold the sarcasm: About John Goddard's sarcastic remarks on music in Indian/Hindi movies ["Missouri Masala," July 30]: I would say it reflects the Indian psyche. It has soothing music, unlike Western noise (beating drums and steel till it breaks -- welcome to rock & roll!), so you can see for yourself how peaceful at heart Western people are and Indians are (in spite of all the materialistic luxuries at their disposal).

Secondly, about the length of a movie (max bang for their rupee): I would say, since most of the flicks are about human emotions and relationships, the films tend to get slightly lengthier. Might be strange to you, as "length" is something not well-known in the West -- say, for example, "length of any relationship," "length of period you will work at a place," "length of time you will spend with a family member," "length of the time you spend being unselfish." So I am not amazed at that comment, because I think Western people are used to "short" spurts of emotions and tricks they play to get more materialistic luxuries.
Rajeev Prasad
Maryland Heights

Putting on the Brakes
The Turin Brakes fan club: I just wanted to say thanks for Niles Baranowski's wonderful July 30 Critic's Pick about Turin Brakes in their first real U.S. tour (opening for David Gray). They seem to be getting quite a bit of attention this time around, and I think your article pinpointed the reasons why. I've been searching for reviews, but they're not getting as much coverage in the other cities they've played. I've seen three of the shows and was very impressed. Thanks again!
Jeanne DeBonis
Brecksville, Ohio

Sign Language
Pulling for Bambino: Thanks to Bruce Rushton for writing "Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign" [July 23]. I am Harold Davis Jr.'s little sister Diana. I am proud to see this article feature him. Yes, you are right. Bambino is God-gifted. When he was two years old, my mother entered him in an art contest, and he won. He has been drawing for more than half his life. Bambino has had a few hard knocks. But he is very smart. I believe our mother's, father's and sister's deaths were just too hard for him. I would like to help him get on his feet and get a sign shop like he used to have. I love him dearly and he is a beautiful person. I pray that Jesus will continue to keep him and help him be the man that Jesus has called him to be and then he can even help others.

Thank you again for featuring my brother. I think for him to see himself in the paper might be the driving force he needs that will help him get himself together, so that he can be the real man that he is. I love him very much.
Diana Wheeler
Sugarland, Texas

Beer Goggles
Too many feminists: I read Geri L. Dreiling's article about the Michelob ads ["Stick to Mich," July 23]. I am upset that there are so many feminist activists out there these days. They just want to nitpick everything. I am a woman and not only do I not find the ads offensive, but I think they are very artistically creative. The women depicted are not nude or doing anything obscene.

My opinion is that some of these ranting fems just need to get a hobby.
Erin Mendieta

D.C. Chimes
Reader gets through entire RFT story!: I have never read one of your articles all the way through -- until now. D.J. Wilson's story about D.C. Chymes (Isaiah Wilhelm) was so compelling that I read every word ["The Worst of D.C.," July 16]. I know him personally, because I was the Steve & D.C. Songbird on the radio with them regularly on the morning show in 1999, and I am still an occasional guest. I find D.C. Chymes to be a very serious and professional person who is also funny. He's extremely nice and always treated me with the highest regard. I find him and Steve to be wonderful people, and I thank God that I know them. They are good buddies to have.

I would suggest that people not point fingers and pass judgment on D.C. Remember that we are all human, and we all fall short. None of us are perfect. I still think very highly of him and like him very much -- no matter what befalls him.

God bless you, D.C. Chymes (Isaiah Wilhelm). I do hope that he will pay off all of his debts and try hard to do better from this day forward.
Vanessa Vargo
Granite City, Illinois

The un-Christian thing to do: While I agree that anyone who earns the kind of income that D.C. does should be paying their bills, that does not necessarily make it newsworthy when they declare bankruptcy. It was obvious from the caricature alone that D.J. Wilson's article was meant to slam D.C.'s Christianity. And yes, even Christians end up in bankruptcy court. Our faith doesn't protect us from the consequences of poor decisions, but it does help to guide us through those difficult times.

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